DeVoise Gallery

My Most Resent Work of Art

"Purple Trees by the Lava Lake" is my second painting on a series of painting of bizarre plant life that may be growing on other worlds in our Galaxy. The plant life, breaths in hydrogen, acetylene and ethane, and exhale methane which then freezes and turns into snow landing on and around the plant. This alien process keeps a perfect balance of hot and cold so the plants thrive around the lava lake.


Purple Trees by Lava Lake


Second to Last Work of Art

This is a small painting 8 by 10 inches of a rainbow with drops of rain falling over crashing waves but in this world that is without color. How would our world look if there were no color. If we were all monochromatic. God has blessed me not be afflicted with achromatopsia, and that is why I like to use a lot of color in my paintings normally.


Devoid Rainbow


About Devoise Gallery

Charles DeVoise

has had a passion for art from his early youth. Upon graduation from high school he traveled extensively throughout Europe studying works of art created by the great masters. Charles has also studied art at the University of Colorado and other colleges over the years. The love of painting has become something of an obsession for him as he continues to develop his artistic techniques.

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